Nick and Julia re-established the farm after Nick left active duty Army service in 2018. We chose the name Blackberry Ridge because of our history of family blackberry pickings by the past four generations. Wild blackberries grow in the highest terrain of our landscape and make an excellent jam!


The farm began its first year with 1200 BaOx variety clones purchased from Triangle Hemp in Durham, NC. Thanks to the support of hemp enthusiasts and other farmers, the first harvest was a great success and has been meticulously processed for your relaxation, healing, and enjoyment.

We incorporate as many organic farming methods as possible to protect them from all the bugs that love them just as much as you do. We hope you enjoy Blackberry Ridge products and look forward to seeing you at some of our local events this year!

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The Passion Behind the Plants



Julia is the co-founder of Blackberry Ridge Farm. She is the dreamer behind the dream and the passion behind the product. She envisioned this endeavor while harvesting blackberries on these same fields as a young girl with her family. Her life has taken a winding road through many different experiences including a career in nursing, military wife, and mother, but the desire has always tugged at her heart to return and breathe new life into this resting soil. Thanks to a husband who shares her vision and has the fortitude to take it to fruition, they are making the dream a reality. She is proud to stand with her family as their voices join the echoes of those generations that came before them working in harmony with the land to make a living and a home.





Nick is the other co-founder of Blackberry Ridge Farm. After realizing he could not grow up to become Batman, he joined the Army. Nick enjoyed the company of America’s best for over ten years, experiencing some of the most important events of his life. With the passing of the 2018 hemp farm bill, he was inspired to see Julia’s dream of reinvigorating the farm and his entrepreneurial aspirations coalesce into one family and friend operation. Nick is thrilled to be part of a community that is reinstating the versatility and vitality of hemp into standard agriculture. He is proud to share a high-quality product and is eager to see you at the farm.

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Hemptender | Creative Assistant

Native to Concord NC, Kendall is fulfilling her passion for hemp at Blackberry ​Ridge Farm while pursuing her degree in the environmental sciences. Her previous experience with marketing is essential to our customer connections and empowers her to design all our packaging. Her keen eye for detail ensures every bud that you receive is hand-chosen and of the highest quality. When she’s not on the farm or in the office, she enjoys playing PS4 with her fiancé or curling up with a book and her cat, Kira.

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High Roller | Sales Manager

Native to Mount Pleasant, NC, Mason’s passion for cannabis and community unite at Blackberry Ridge Farm. His time spent as a retail manager in the CBD and vape space helped focus his talents in sales while making strong connections with customers. Taking on a wide range of responsibilities, you can find him in the field caring for the plants, popping up at local businesses, at the store with customers or hand curating our pre-rolls. After a hard day's work you can catch him at a local brewery enjoying a sour beer or stargazing late at night with his fiancée.

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