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Farm fresh seasonal blooms


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Experience our cut-your-own flower field May-October. Order a fresh bouquet for local pickup, or treat yourself to our seasonal flower subscription to get fresh blooms weekly.

The Cut-your-own flower field is closed until this summer ❁ The cost is $30 to fill a 2-gal bucket. This is usually enough flowers to make 2-3 bouquets. ❁ Check in at the farm stand. You will get set up with a bucket and scissors to harvest and carry the flowers. ❁ Once you have finished picking flowers, return to the farm store where we will wrap up your flowers with water for the trip home. ❁ Cut-your-own flowers are available Friday-Saturday 10am - 6 pm. Tips for a fun flower cutting experience: ‒ Flowers are freshest in the early morning and later in the evening as the heat of the sun can cause some drooping. ‒ Watch out for fire ants! You may want to consider wearing close-toed shoes. ‒ Remember to bring sunscreen and bug spray to make your flower cutting experience pleasant! ‒ Please stay on the walkways between rows and be mindful of the landscape fabric and irrigation lines. ‒ You may spend your time wandering the farm, going from flower patch to flower patch. There are also trails you may choose to explore. ‒ Feel free to bring a picnic and hangout on the farm! Picnics tables and umbrellas are welcome for all paying flowers/CBD customers to enjoy. Please clean up all trash and take trash with you. ‒ We allow friendly, well behaved pets on leashes. Please pick up after your pups and be aware we have two dogs on the farm property. Please keep your pet on the walkways and off the landscape fabric, rows, and irrigation lines. If you have a service animal, please inform us ahead of time so that our animals can be safely secured.

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Our farm is open for photography sessions.

We charge a $50/hr venue fee (not including your photographer's fees). Photography sessions are available by appointment only. Please send us an email to to inquire of availability. No appointments may be made on Sunday.

Please note: We do not allow corporate/company photography for those competing in our same industries. 


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